United States Citizens are legally permitted to petition for K-1 Visas for Fiancé(e)s who are currently living outside of the U.S. to enter the United States as non-immigrants. The Fiancé(e) is required to marry his or her U.S. Citizen petitioner within 90 days of entry, or he/she must depart the U.S. within 30 days. Once married, he/she may adjust their status to become a lawful Permanent Resident of the U.S. by applying for a Permanent Resident Card (also known as a Green Card).

Non-Married Children under the age of 21 may accompany the Fiancé(e) to the United States using K-2 Visas. They are not required to be biological children of either the U.S. Citizen or the Fiancé(e), and may be adopted or born out of wedlock, but the Fiancé(e)’s home country must legally recognize them to be children of the Fiancé(e). Additionally, they must remain under the age of 21 and unmarried up to the day they enter the U.S. on their K-2 Visas.

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